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Fill Your Prescriptions

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Oshawa’s Go-to Drug Store: Scotts IDA Drug Mart

Whether you need one-time antibiotics, or monthly diabetes supplies, Scotts IDA Drug Mart is one of the pharmacies Oshawa residents trust most. For over 40 years, we have been filling prescriptions, advising customers, and providing services that help make our customers’ lives easier. From free blister packaging to providing an in-house post office, we do what we can to improve the lives of Oshawa residents all at one convenient location. We even have free blood pressure checks!



Your Family’s Health

Looking to switch pharmacies? We make it easy to transfer your prescriptions to Scotts IDA Drug Mart! You can always count on our friendly pharmaceutical team to fill your prescriptions and provide any necessary advice, but did you know we also carry home health supplies as well? Whether you need makeup, shampoo, bandages, or pain relief, we have what you’re looking for. Get all of your household needs in one place at Scotts IDA Drug Mart in Oshawa!



Gifts and Convenience Items

Whether you are stopping in for a prescription or are looking for a greeting card for an upcoming special occasion, Scotts IDA Drug Mart carries a large selection of gifts, cards, lottery tickets and more.



Canada Post

Your neighbourhood Canada Post can be found at Scotts IDA Drug Mart. Our full-service post office has postal boxes available for rent, fax services and a photocopier available for your convenience. Rental postal boxes are great for busy travellers, online shoppers and small business owners alike. They’re a safe, convenient, and secure way to receive mail and packages.



Delivery Services

We know it can sometimes be hard for you to make it in to the store, and that is why we offer free delivery. To learn more about this service, please feel free to give us a call.

Did you know? your Pharmacist can now prescribe medications for these conditions ; Urinary Tract Infections (Uncomplicated), Allergies - Stuffy nose (Allergic Rhinitis), Pink eye (Conjunctivitis), Cold sores (oral herpes labialis), Heartburn / Acid reflux, Skin rash, Oral fungal infection (oral thrush), Hermorrhoids, Muscle aches and pains, Premenstrual and period cramps (dysmenorrhea), Insect bites and itch, Tick bites and itch (prevention of lyme disease), Skin infection (impetigo)



Professional Affiliations

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Rental Postal Boxes

Keep your packages safe and secure!

Protect Your Family

Get your flu shot here!

Great Deals

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Free Blister Packaging

Just one of the many services we provide!

The Help You Need

We offer specialized treatment for opioid-related addictions at our True North Addiction Service.

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