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Scotts IDA Drug Mart: Oshawa's Choice Pharmacy

Scotts IDA Drug Mart in Oshawa makes managing your health easier. Whether you’re looking for a pharmacy you can count on for your monthly prescriptions, quality vitamins, cough syrup, or bandages, we have the pharmacists and staff to help.

Our pharmacy team will work with you to offer custom compounding and medication reviews, and advise on proper use for any new prescriptions. Ensure your medication works as it should by following the instructions given by our pharmacists.

For your convenience we also offer free prescription delivery! Just give us a call to find out more.

Protect Your Family, Get your Flu Shot

Get your flu shot at Scotts IDA Drug Mart today. Immunization is the best protection from the influenza virus, especially if you already have an underlying medical condition such as heart or liver disease and diabetes.

While most recover from the flu completely, it can lead to severe complications in those who do not fully recover. These complications can include pneumonia that can result in hospitalization, and in some cases death. Since the flu virus changes annually, it’s important to get immunized each year.

In Ontario, children 5 years and older can receive the flu shot from a pharmacist; allow ours to protect you and your family.

Quick Prescription Refills

Give us a call before you come to avoid delay!

Home Health Supplies

Your home is the central-hub of your family. Ensure it’s stocked with all of the supplies you’ll need for any scrape, bump or bruise that comes through the door. Carrying a wide variety of home health supplies including tensor bandages, bandages, peroxide, rubbing alcohol, and ointments, Scotts IDA Drug Mart has everything you’ll need to tend to your loved ones' injuries. We also carry everyday over-the-counter drugs to help ease symptoms of colds, fevers, pain and aches.

Contact our pharmacy today to get your prescriptions filled or refilled, and don’t hesitate to ask our pharmacists any questions you may have.

Our Pharmacy

At Scotts IDA Drug Mart, we want to ensure we carry anything our customers may need. That’s why we:

  • Carry ostomy supplies
  • Provide drug plan charge accounts
  • Provide free blood pressure monitoring
  • Offer Medication reviews
  • Sell gifts and cards
  • Free prescription delivery
  • Have a post office
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